At the border between South Africa and Botswana

13 April 2019: We planned to leave much earlier in April but at least we’re here now.

We left from the Ramatlabama border. Angelos overstayed his visa by about four months which meant that we waited some time for his paperwork of undesirability to be processed – earning him a five-year ban from South Africa. Angelos is from Greece and has be cycling the globe since 2015. Check out his website:

So, we waited a long time because of Angelos overstaying his visa, and if that wasn’t bad enough, on our way to Botswana’s border control, I fell…and hard. Before the border control, there was a large pool of water. Rain? No. It was water filled with disinfectant that vehicles drove through to prevent foot and mouth disease from entering Botswana. Angelos was in front of me, I said “move!” he didn’t hear and I road into his rear wheel. I fell hard. My new white cycling shirt is now brown. My cell phone, which was in my bib shorts, went into the water (it survived). My bag in my basket was soaked! I was very fortunate that my bags on my rack didn’t enter the water otherwise my laptop and other essentials would have been ruined. A couple of lovely ladies helped me dry out my basket bag and its contents. My electronics and my essential documents were safe but half of my emergency Super C’s were soaked.

We planned to depart between 10:00 and 12:00 but eventually only left around 15:00. We cycled a mere 12 km that day. I had an intense wound on my left knee that is still oozing puss, and multiple bruises on my legs. That night I had a protein shake and passed out almost immediately. The next day I had very little energy, with a freezing and sleepless night behind me and only a protein shake to keep me going (why didn’t I pack real food?? Oh, that’s right, I thought we’d reach the first town faster).

High glucose and then a migraine does not a fast journey make. We stopped regularly and even took and hour nap under a shady tree. I was so relieved that our first small town was only a few kilometres away. Real food! An actual toilet! Heaven, man, heaven. There is were I bought a local sim card with data which is why my post is so late.

After our second night, I woke up, ready to go, started packing up while Angelos was meditating (should really start doing that) and then it started raining. It rained for an hour, the sun teased us a bit and then said “NOPE, let there be more rain.” When the next lull came, we decided to risk it. Next stop: Lobatse


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